About ACSA

About ACSA

The Australian Cotton Shippers Association is an association of cotton merchants.

Those cotton merchants are independent, commercial entities involved in the purchase of cotton from growers and the sale of cotton to spinning mills and the textile supply chain.

ACSA members are engaged in the entire cotton supply chain from field to processing at the gin, to cotton classing, warehousing, shipping and delivery to final consumer.

ACSA represents the interests of the cotton industry specifically in relation to the procurement and marketing of the Australian cotton crop.

Association Objectives

The Association (ACSA) was formalised in 1991 with the aim to align practices and collectively promote Australian cotton.

The objectives of the Australian Cotton Shippers Association are:

  • To promote and enhance the export of Australian raw cotton
  • To preserve the sanctity of contracts and the integrity of the Australian cotton trading platform
  • To facilitate compliance with contractual obligations and adherence to arbitration awards
  • To promote the interests of the members of the Association and the industry generally in our overseas markets
  • To promote corporate responsibility, best management practice and prosperity within the industry and the communities in which we operate
  • To communicate the fibre requirements of our spinner customers to Australian growers and plant breeders