Viterra Australia Pty Ltd

Viterra Australia Pty Ltd

The Viterra business covers the whole supply chain from the farm gate through to delivering products to consumers in Australia and overseas.

As well as having a storage and handling network in South Australia and western Victoria, Viterra are one of the largest buyers and exporters of Australian wheat, barley, canola, pulses, sorghum and cotton. They buy directly from growers and have accumulation offices in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Using their world leading marketing, storage and logistics network, they supply consumers in Australia and overseas. Through their offices in key destination markets they have direct relationships with food and beverage manufacturers, animal feed manufacturers, consumer product processors, local importers and distributors and government purchasing entities.

Viterra have their own global bulk vessel chartering fleet which gives them greater flexibility and control over vessel coordination should requirements change.

They are also the biggest importer of protein meals into Australia and supply product to a range of feed manufacturers and consumers.

Viterra can always meet customers’ needs due to their strong partnerships along the supply chain, our geographically diverse network and robust quality management processes, which give them the ability to supply from various origins.