Louis Dreyfus Company

Louis Dreyfus Company

Louis Dreyfus Company Australian Cotton division is a large scale originator and handler of Australian cotton and cottonseed.

In 2010 Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) completed the purchase of Dunavant’s Australian cotton business and has since that time actively competed in the Australian cotton market, growing the business through a period of record Australian cotton crops stretching from 2011 to the 2014 crop.

From our office in Brisbane the LDC cotton team manages the procurement of raw cotton and cottonseed direct from farmers on both a forward and spot basis.

Processing in undertaken at the growers’ selected gin site, including three (3) processing plants owned and managing by LDC.

LDC has a large scale network of warehouses and seed storage sites, both at inland and portside locations, allowing for the fast and efficient movement of products from gin to port to destination.
LDC’S logistic capability is based on minimizing delivery times and cost, while maintaining flexibility within the supply chain to maximise customer satisfaction with our service.